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To meet today’s healthcare staffing demands, hospital leaders nationwide are facing some tough decisions. But teaming up with Medical Solutions Plus isn’t one of them.

Medical Solutions Plus, the MSP division of Medical Solutions, is the answer to your contingency staffing challenges. We can provide your facility with customized workforce solutions based on your facility’s needs. As your managed service provider, we can help your facility not only survive, but thrive in these uncertain times.


Our Difference

As a hospital partner, you’ll have access to:

A dedicated Account Manager, who will offer your facility personalized customer support

Medical Solutions’ vast database of highly qualified Travel Nurses

An experienced Clinical Team to handle pre-screening and interviewing of candidates for you

Industry-leading technology to help you forecast future staffing decisions


Positive Results

For you, there is only one contact and one invoice. By streamlining your facility’s contingency workforce processes, the Medical Solutions Plus team can help you cut unnecessary spending, increase fill rates, reduce staff turnover, and maintain your patient care standards.

Our positive results speak for themselves — we have a 96% completion rate and a 95% fill rate.


"Medical Solutions Plus has worked with me to develop processes that have made my job eaiser. I no longer have to comb through all that information, set up interviews, or handle multiple phone calls. Now, I can focus on my staff's needs and other major projects.”

Dianna G.


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